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Websites Create Opportunities

This is a subject I think about often. There are many business owners who feel it is not necessary to own a website. I suppose being a web designer and owning a company that allows you to create your own website, I inevitably feel that a website is essential for any business.

Something happened to me a few years ago that perhaps explains why I think it is essential.

I  visited a shop close to where I live that specialises in selling PC parts and accessories with a friend of mine. As we were leaving the shop, we noticed a cork board to which local businesses had pinned their business cards. My friend suggested to me that I do the same.

I responded that it was a complete waste of time. it is a small out-of-the-way shop that is frequented by individuals in the main rather than business owners. My friend said that it can't do any harm so I agreed with this and pinned up my business card and forgot all about it.

Would you believe that one year later, I received a call from someone who had seen the card? Yes, it was still there!

Not only that, the business this guy owned was quite a large business and they wanted a large website with many extras. The contract earned me well over a thousand pounds. All because I spared a few seconds to pin up a business card worth a few pence.

Never miss a business opportunity again

What this story illustrates to me is that you never know where your next customer will come from. You miss opportunities at your peril.

If you have your own website for your business it sits there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, waiting for visitors to come and view it, just like my business card on that cork board.

However, unlike the cork board, your website is available to the whole world and you never know who might happen across your website. It could just be a customer who ends up giving you the largest contract you have ever won!

So don't delay, sign up for your free 30-day trial to create your own website now.

Fri 4 March 2011 12:41:16

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