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Success in Business is About Doing It

I have a confession to make. It's a big and terrible confession. I have been following the documentary on Channel 4 about Lily Allen in her setting up of her own business. OK, I may have over-dramatised my interest in this programme. Although I had heard of Lily Allen her music is not something to which I listen. I was aware of her more for the fact that she is the daughter of Keith Allen, an actor more from my generation.

However, this documentary is compulsive viewing and I am sure it is to anyone who has set up their own business or is thinking of doing so. I love seeing the experiences of others in business, the similarities and the differences. The main reason for my writing about this is that it reminds me of something so important in business discussed much less often than things like business and marketing plans. It is something that was the subject of my article Getting Started in Business.

Get off your backside and do it!

Now I know that some would argue that Lily Allen is starting a business from a privileged position. She had £500,000 of her own money to spend on it and few of us have such a marvellous opportunity. However, I still admire her as much as I admire someone starting from scratch with little or no money. She has the quality that is vital in any would-be business person.

She got off her backside and did it!

She didn't need to risk that money, but she has. How many of us would risk that amount of money if we were luck enough to have it? What she has demonstrated is that if you want to succeed in business then just go ahead and do it. Dreaming is all well and good but unless you decide to take action and turn that dream into reality, then it will always remain a dream.

There are many aspects of her business that I do not like. The clothing business is extremely competitive, especially in London. Lily, her sister and her manager just seem to have steam-rollered in and spent outrageous sums of money with little or no thought put into it, save for an unrealistic dream. For this and so many other reasons, the business should not work.

However, their positive will-do attitude has meant that they have opened their boutique and along the way been able to secure an enormous loan from Coutts, the Queen's bank. It is this quality more than any other, that means this business has an excellent chance of success.

It is easy to be an armchair critic. It is easy to sit back and say "that is foolish" or "that will never work". However, it is not easy to have the courage of your convictions and go ahead and do it anyway and for that quality alone, I admire Lily Allen and the others involved in her new business.

So if you are thinking about going into business then feel free to think some more, but only for a short time. Then get off your backside and do it and with that quality alone, you will be surprised how easy success will come to you!

Wed 23 March 2011 17:18:57

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