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Planning to create your own website for your new business

For those of you planning to start your own business, you are at a very exciting point in your career. It is even more exciting if until now, you have only worked for other people.

You are about to enter a new world which is both terrifying and wonderful at the same time. It is a world in which you call the shots. If you succeed, you get all the glory (and all the money) but if you fail, you get all the blame (and all the debt).

Planning is the key to your new business

I read something quite funny but also quite true recently. It said that most of us put more planning into our holidays than we do into our own careers and I am sure that is also true of our businesses. It is easy once you get started to get swept up with a thousand tasks that must be done now and forget about the planning completely. With a bit of luck you might succeed anyway but why not stack the odds in your favour and plan for success? It may instinctively feel like wasted time but as with anything in life, good solid planning can really help with your business.

Planning is also the key to your new website

So as it is with your business in general, when you first create your own website (hopefully with AB Publish), a good deal of thought and planning should go into the process. If you just make your website for the sake of it and put very little thought into its objectives, that is how it will look to your potential customers. They may look at it and think it looks good. They may think it's an OK website. But if it is not planned, your potential customer might not be tempted to take the next step into becoming a customer.

Calling your customers to action requires you to think about what that action will be

I am sure most of you have heard the phrase "call to action". It is commonly used in the advertising industry and is surprisingly something which many of us forget. What is the point of advertising if your customer is unsure what you want him or her to do next? The same is true for your own website. Every page on the website should be calling your customer to action, but the first thing you need to decide is what that action will be. It could be one of these things:

This list is not exhaustive but includes the most common calls to action. Our website for example, encourages you to try our free 30 day trial to create your own website at every stage (even in this article). That is the AB Publish call to action.

So now you are planning your business and planning to create your own website, decide now your own "call to action" and see what a difference it makes when you are thinking about your website content.

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