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More Marketing of Small Businesses

Well AB Publish has only been live for a few days. We have had one person sign up so far for a free trial and it just so happens that is a friend of mine!

So my thoughts now turn to marketing my business. I am reluctant to start any pay-per-click campaign as clicks in the web design arena are notoriously expensive. I think there needs to be some careful planning as to keywords in this area. I have already started the search engine optimisation of the site though.

I hope that my business partner and I create 2 entries per day on this blog. Apart from the hope this will make interesting reading for our customers, we also hope that by constantly updating the site, Google will want to index it more often and give us a much higher ranking over time. There is so much more to search engine optimisation though and my current plan is to execute several tasks per day in this regard in the hope that within a few weeks we will be generating traffic from this free source.

I have also been looking at article directories. I believe these can be useful in generating traffic to one's site and also help in convincing Google to increase our page rank.

We also need to investigate other possible advertising areas. I have read that some adverts act as good quality inbound links which also help in search engine optimisation. Time and practice will tell me which ones do. I promise that if I learn anything interesting in this area I shall report it on my blog.

At the same time, I must be mindful that I must continually develop the control panel that makes it so easy for small businesses to create a great looking website. I can neglect neither area. If I spend too much time marketing, customers might be disappointed when they sign up. If I spend too much time developing the web design control panel, it is of no use if I never get visitors to the site.

Gumtree has brought me a handful of visitors in the past few hours so I will continue with that. I hope that as each day passes I will learn something new to market my new small business.

Tue 8 February 2011 14:01:24

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