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Is it a 'Share everything' era of the Internet

I still love the Internet.
Yesterday's article was a little dark where I asked the question is it a steal everything era of the Internet.
I explained how I love the freedom and advantages of the Internet from being able to work, surf, play, and interact 24 hours of the day.
I then exposed the darker side of data theft and where information we enter on various website (including leading technology firms such as Sony or Codemasters) can be stolen and used against us.
However today there is a story that made me feel alive.


The World in One Day

If I was cynical I would say it was a cheap way to get the film footage necessary to create a motion picture.
However I prefer to think it is a celebration and a innovative use of social networking.

Scottish film director Kevin MacDonald has partnered YouTube to make a film.
The rules were simple - video what you were doing on July 24, 2010 and send it to YouTube.
It could be anything (and from the released teaser it is everything)

The goal is to show what mankind was up to on one particular day.
The project was produced by Ridley Scott and he and Kevin expected around 800 hours of film footage.
They got over 4,500 hours from over 190 countries!

This is the Internet.
This is what I love about technology.
Yes - there maybe disadvantages and new potential for crime such as data theft, but here is a fantastic example of sharing and bringing together the whole planet through the Internet.


How did they do it?

It seems every single submitted YouTube clip was assigned a topic, and then given a star rating of 1 to 6.
This meant when the eventual editing occurred, the topics could be skimmed and the 'best' videos quickly examined.
A simple but effective way to classify and order vast amounts of data.
I can only admire this approach, although I try to bring it to my work at AB Publish where the system you guys use to create your own websites should be simple but effective ;) 

It is a unique project.
It is like a time capsule but made up of millions of different submissions all showing in pictures what it was like to be alive and living on July 24, 2010.


Treat the Internet like fire

My conclusion is that the Internet is like fire - it can bring comfort, answers, warmth and belonging into our lives. The 24 Hours in One Day is a great example of harnessing the collaborative power of individuals to produce something larger than the parts that make up the finished creation.

However, it is not completely risk free and should be monitored and watched at all times.
Like the fire, once we lose control, it can have disastrous consequences.

Tue 14 June 2011 21:33:48

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