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Free Web Counter for My Website

One of the most common questions I get asked as a web designer is "will I get a web counter with my website?". Knowing how many sites your website gets is a vital piece of piece of information in determining whether your website is working for your business or not.

It's easy when you know how

For someone who with a modicum of technical ability in something like ASP or PHP this is easy to achieve. However, many business owners who create their own websites have no such ability and often scour the net for a free web counter.

Free web counters on the net

There are many on offer but usually there are a couple of downsides. Firstly, they can often involve giving an outbound link to the counter provider's website and secondly, it makes the information publicly available. This might be something with which some business owner's might be comfortable but not with all.

Your business needs more than just a web counter

The truth is, that as useful as a web counter is, it does not provide enough information for you to assess how well your website is doing. It does give you the broad picture but more detail would be extremely beneficial such as:

AB Publish Provides You With Full Statistics Free of Charge

So what if you had a website that could provide you with all this information. This is something that most web hosting companies provide and it is something that we at AB Publish view as absolutely essential to any website owner.

So the excellent news is that when you have a website created using AB Publish's online tools, this automatically includes a full graphical statistics package for free.  it contains all the information listed above as well as much more.

With an AB Publish website you will be able to analyse how well your website is doing and from where all your visitors are coming allowing you to establish and maintain a strategy that ensures your website works for your business.

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