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Whilst creating AB Publish, I deliberately decided to ignore the competition. I wanted to be creative and I am sure that had I checked out the competition, I would have ended up copying them, possibly sub-consciously.

So it was that last week, having finished the control panel, I decided to check out a few competitors. What I discovered both surprised and delighted me.

Their interfaces were extremely complicated and reminded me of the interface of Joomla (an open source website creation tool). So I had no doubt that they could do much more than the site I had created. However, the donside to this is that in order to do more one must spend hours or even days learning how to use the interface.

I have yet to meet someone in business who has time on their hands. That is why I was delighted because I know that with the simple interface I have created, anyone can have their website up and running in minutes.

I have plans to demonstrate this using screen capture video. I will set up a website from scratch and time the event.

So look out for a new slogan on our home page. It is likely to read "build your own website in 4 minutes and 38 seconds" or whatever time it takes me to create it. I am sure it will not be far off that time though, as the control panel is designed to be the easiest around.

If you are a customer of AB Publish, I would welcome any comments you have for improvements to our control panel. We have plans to constantly update and improve it so that we can stay ahead of the competition and continually improve our customers' experiences with the site.

Mon 7 February 2011 09:45:18

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