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Create Your Own Website for Your Customers

I have been a web designer for many years and there is a trait that I have noticed, especially amongst the self-employed and small business owners.  They want the website to be designed to satisfy their own desires and from the point of view with how they see the world.

I think that when you create your own website, you need to change this perfectly natural point of view and start looking at the site from your customer's point of view. It is so tempting to get across the message that you think is important but this message can often be clouded in jargon and self-interest. I am not trying to say this in a negative way, I am merely suggesting that self-interest is completely natural when you are in business for yourself. Your own business is something which absorbs you completely and it is a mindset which helps you succeed.

However, when it comes to creating your own website it is a mindset that we all must change, if only for the time we are thinking about our website content.

Create Your Website as if your were your own customer

What your customer sees as important can be very surprising. There may be elements of your business on which you have spent an inordinate amount of time and whilst they are important, if not vital, they are not something which would necessarily occur to your customers.

Therefore, try and get yourself intot he mindset of your customer. Try and imagine, that you are interested in seeking the services of your own business. What is it that might impress you? What messages would you be looking for to encourage you to buy?

This might be something difficult for you to achieve so it is also the case that you should listen to your customers. Perhaps there is something about which many of them have been asking time and time again but because it is not something in which you, as the business owner, are interested, you tend to ignore it.

Don't ignore the simple things that your customers love

Maybe it is a product or service which is easy for you to provide or is even just a by-product of the service, but if it is important to a lot of your customers then it should also be important to you, at least when it comes to creating your own website.

Getting the message right on your website is essential to its success. Regularly update and changes the messagea and find out which ones work. The results can sometimes be surprising and this is an exercise in which we can all learn about ourselves and our customers and ultimately can lead to a successful business.

So go ahead and create your own website today with AB Publish and try changing the message on a regular basis and see your business grow!

Fri 15 April 2011 13:51:12

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