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A picture is worth 1000 words

Picture is worth Thousand WordsThis well known phrase is correct - pictures can breathe life into your Business Internet website and persuade potential clients to become customers.

When you create your Business Internet website however, you must follow some fundamental rules. Add images, pictures and even videos, but do not go to extremes!

Over the last 6 years, the size of the average web page has increased in weight by more than a factor of 5. Videos, images, flash movies have all increased the size of the average page. Broadband users are experiencing faster and faster download times, and so do not notice any difference, but  you should not disregard optimising all your Business Website pages in an effort to keep the overall size as low as possible.


Take a leaf out of Google's Book

When you arrive on Google's home page, the page loads super-fast. There is no wasted over-head and the essentials are instantly visible. The well known image of the Google logo is present, but no other objects are present to slow the page load time.

If necessary, put all the pages of your website on the Google diet. Yes - include images which add value to your Business Organisation and Business Website, but No - do not add images for image sake.


The proof is in the eating

There are many free analytic tools on the Internet to measure and suggest improvements to your Internet website. The one I have recently began to use is from

When I perform the analysis on Google, I receive only green lights for all of the tests run by this impressive website. This is hardly surprising as the company has invested lots of time and effort in ensuring it's Business Website is the optimum Business Internet Website for its market. See the image below for the results of the Website Optimisation Analysis (and here is a GREAT example of where an image is worth 1000 words)

Google: picture worth 1000 words


I then ran the same test on the home page of our AB Publish site, which we think is the best Business Website Creation site on the Internet.
The results...3 cautions and 1 warning! See the image below for the results of the Website Optimisation Analysis.

AB Publish: picture worth 1000 words


What does this mean to me?

With the AB Publish Website Creation system, you can build your own complete Website now, before you buy. You just type in the text and upload your photos using the easiest control panel around. Publish it to the Internet and then manage the contents from anywhere, anytime. And you can include as many images and photos as you wish - there is no limit!

However it is there that I will recommend caution. Although there is no limit from AB Publish, I suggest you ensure your Business Website is not overly burdened by graphics. Once you have created your own Internet website, run the analysis over your Business Internet site to check you have not gone to extremes.

The recommendations from the Internet analysis tool should be followed - either remove some images or reduce the size via the many graphical tools available on the Internet.
I fully intent to implement the recommendations on AB Publish with the goal of achieving a leaner and meaner Business website.

Wed 25 May 2011 21:20:41

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